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PE Tubes

Plastopack is producing tubes since 1995.

The factory was fitted with adaptable production lines giving us the ability to offer the highest quality production from small to large production runs.

We are producing tubes from 10ml up to 250ml, in the diameter 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm. Lip-gloss, screw type, long nozzle, snap on neck all is possible to make.

Tubes can be product mono or high barrier 5 layer tubes.

Mono-layer tube is the most common one, can be produced with either with LDPE pure or combined it with HDPE.

5 layer tubes high barrier is used when content of the tube is sensitive to oxygen.

Multy-layer tube offers the most durable tube that  offer in conventional extruded tube.

Multy layer tube is combine with LDPE+GLUE+EVOH+GLUE+LDPE, also possible to combine LDPE with HDPE in order to get more rigid tube.

PE/PP/PET Bottles

Plastopack Company is producing EBM bottle from 250ml bottle and up to 4 liter bottle.

The production lines use the most advanced technology checking weight and pressure testing.

In addition, there is co extruded EBM machine in order to achieve special effect and to receive highest barrier bottle.

Plastopack produces PET bottles and jars using a single stage machine (ISBM).

This system delivers a consistent product to the highest specification and exactitude.

Special effects and color consistency are ensure for the whole production run using our computerized color control system.

Cap injection department

Plastopack Company has most sophisticated injection department that produce

All caps to PE cosmetic tube and for PET and PE bottles and jars.

We produce stand up screw caps and flip top oriented caps in the diameters 35mm, 40mm 50mm and 89mm.

Shiny and Matt finish can be make.

Verity of Orifices are offer 3mm, 5mm and 7mm to match content of the package.

All molds are combining with Hot-Runner system that allowed high capacity production and accurate product to match another.

We also offer service of create your own design caps, with 3D models before production until final product.



The Plastopack Company was founded and began work in 1995.

The factory was fitted with adaptable production lines giving us the ability to offer the highest quality production from small to large production runs.

Plastopack Company offers advanced packing solutions for all markets. We currently supply the following industries: Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Household Items (Toiletry), Industrial and agriculture.

The Plastopack Company divides into three Division:

1. PE Tubes

2. PE/PP Bottle manufacture EBM (extruder blow molding) and PET single stage       machine .

3. Injection department that produce tube caps, jars and special products to order.  

We offers the most advanced printing solutions in today's marketplace for all tubes including offset, Silk Screen hot stamping and labeling.

In addition, there are several fully automated Silk Screen printing lines with up to 8 (eight) colors for bottles and jars.

Our computerized quality control system ensures every item in an order is produced to the same high quality with no compromise.



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Quality is our priority. In PLASTOPACK we put significant effort in meeting the most rigorous norms and quality requirements of our customers. We have implemented ISO 9001:2008 quality norm.

The precision of our inspections is confirmed by the homologation document. Customers using our services can be fully confident of careful and technical treatment of the product they desire. All parameters and technical tolerances are comprehensibly specified in our official Plastopack document.

Our tubes and bottles are eco-friendly and fully recyclable.



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